I have been producing and  directing  documentaries  since 1983  you can find more about it on  my company  site  Tamouz Media where you will be able to read my blogs as well

I always felt privileged that my work  have introduced me to  people, subjects and places I would never could have  met or  visited on my own. It also made me witness to history. I began  to feel that the films themselves, with  a more rigid  structure and  adherence  to  particular story telling needs,  do not give justice to the experiences I have been privileged to have. So I hope this blog can  share with readers my impressions  of some of the unique people I  have been privileged to meet, the  amazing , you may ask, experiences I have been  through and my reflections as what it all means to me and hopefully to wider audiences.

Now why, you may  ask,  did I chose  the title  of “Outsider on the Inside” ?  Maybe because it is the best  way I can describe myself.  I have come to the united States 38 years ago yet  I do   travel and work  all over the world  concerned  with global issues and feel very much part of a larger world than one country whether my country of birth and culture Israel or my  adopted country The United States.  Outsider on the Inside is the closest I could  come to describe  this  complex identity.

If you find  all of that of interest , if you share  my sense of being   an  Outsider on the Inside , you could   subscribe to my blog and receive it by email. Please do comment and share with me your ideas  and reflections, as fellows Outsiders on the Inside.

Thank You

Ilan Ziv

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