“EXILE” IN LONDON : A screening on Thursday 31st. of October at 18.30; a broadcast Sunday at 21.00 on BBC4


Dear Friends :

I am off to London on Tuesday and just wanted to put down few reminders  :

1. If you want to see EXILE,  the 59 min version that will be broadcast by the BBC. ( Searching for Exile ; Truth or Myth),  and catch me,  there is a screening on Thursday  31.10 at 18.30.



I will attend the screening ,and so will  Adam Parker Commissioning Editor BBC 2&3.  Q&A  will follow  the screening.

You can RSVP  by writing to Emma  D’Almeida @


2. The film ( 59 min version )  will be broadcast on BBC 4 at  21.00  followed by a debate at  22.00  .  I will  participate in the debate  and  am looking forward to it!

3. I will be showing the  original long  version of EXILE A MYTH UNEARTHED in Manchester on Monday  November 4th. Please inquire and RSVP with  Linda Clair   lindaclair@btinternet.com

Hope to see you in any of the events!

Hope  to see you in the screening or catch  up the film and the debate on TV

2 thoughts on ““EXILE” IN LONDON : A screening on Thursday 31st. of October at 18.30; a broadcast Sunday at 21.00 on BBC4

  1. I have watched the film on BBC. Why is the palastinian exile more of an exile than the Jewish exile? After all, there are still many palastinian viliges in Israel. I believe the film has a double standard on this matter. Also, where do the actions of the Palestinians prior to and during the 48 war, which at the least contributed to their need to flee, fit within the pluralist and complete history the film searches for? The immediate events that preceded the war where much more relevant to its outcome, than whether or not the Palestinians are in fact Israeli descendants or not, I believe.

  2. Dear Amir: As I have received many questions and comments I do not have the time to answer each and one personally. However I consider this discussion of upmost importance. I therefore will write in the coming a days a blog that will collect most of the questions and answered them together. Please watch for this upcoming blog. Thanks

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